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What is Golden Week (ゴールデン)?

Golden Week is a collection of four consecutive national holidays in Japan, running from the end of April to early May. Myprotein celebrates Golden Week (ゴールデン) to introduce the exciting new Lemon flavour.

Impact Whey Protein (Lemon Yogurt )

Introducing Lemon Yoghurt, a limited-edition flavour that’s a refreshingly zesty twist on a classic.

A handy, easy-to-mix shake that helps your body stay topped up on protein all day, made for you to feel and perform at your best.

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Clear Whey Protein (Honey Lemon)

Experience the difference with Clear Whey Protein Powder. Lighter than traditional whey, and more powerful than your average juice.

A limited-edition Honey Lemon flavour, delivering the natural sweetness of honey with a refreshing and citrusy zing of lemon.

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Golden Pre-Workout -- Super Sour Lemon (Coming Soon)

Golden Pre-Workout – Super Sour Lemon Flavour is a superior blend of all nine essential amino acids, in a refreshingly tangy limited-edition flavour.

They’re the ones your body can’t produce on its own, so you must get them from your diet.

With added citric acid, to enhance the tangy and zesty favour, Super Sour Lemon is the ultimate tongue-twisting taste.