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Meal Replacement

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We know that meeting your daily nutrient requirements can be tough when you're on the move. That's why we've created a range of specially tailored meal replacement supplements to help you stay topped up on all the carbs, fats, and protein you need.

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What are Meal Replacements?

Our meal replacement blends are supplements that can be used alongside a balanced diet. They usually feature macronutrients, like carbs, protein, and micronutrients, like vitamins and minerals. This ensures your intake of nutrients your body needs to maintain a healthy weight is not impacted, even if you’re trying to lower your calorie intake. Therefore, meal replacements can be a valuable support to your weight-loss goals.

What are the Benefits of Meal Replacements?

As meal replacements often feature macronutrients and vitamins, they are a great way to hit your daily recommended allowance, with a normal healthy diet. Meal replacements that contain protein can also contribute to the maintenance and growth of muscle, which helps to support your progress after an intense workout — crucial for everyone regardless of your fitness goal. They can also be a great way to improve feelings of satiety, which can in turn help with your weight loss goal, as if you feel full for longer after a meal, the desire to eat sugary, unhealthy snacks decreases.

Our Meal Replacement Products

Our ultra-convenient meal replacement bars, shakes and snacks are designed to keep you going – whatever your training goals. Containing macronutrients and some vitamins and minerals, they help you hit the gym more often by reducing tiredness, through Vitamin C, and supporting muscle recovery through carbs.

Our Impact Diet Whey is an ideal cool-down shake after a sweaty workout:

• High-protein, so supports your training in the gym

• Suitable for vegetarians

• Features over 1g of glutamine*

• Great to replenish nutrients after exercise

For a delicious sit-down meal crammed with macronutrients, try our Protein Ready Meal:

• Available in 3 tasty flavours

• At least 28.5g of protein in each dish*

• Perfect as a post-workout meal to support your muscles

• Ready-to-eat in 2 minutes

Or look at our Protein Meal Replacement Bar for an easy source of essential nutrients:

• Crammed with protein to support muscle growth

• Packed with 22 vitamins and minerals to help you reach your daily targets

• A great alternative for unhealthy snacks when cravings hit

• Flavours from Salted Caramel to Chocolate Fudge

*Nutritional information will vary depending on flavour.


Are meal replacements healthy?

It depends on how they're used in your diet; they certainly shouldn't be used as a "crutch" in place of nutritionally dense foods, but can be useful for those on the go or who struggle to find time for meals.

Are meal replacements bad for you?

No, not inherently, it depends on the use of them in your diet. They can help you get a nutritionally dense meal on the go if you are struggling to find the time.

Are meal replacements good for losing weight?

If they help you achieve a calorie deficit, then they can be of help.

What meal replacement shakes are keto-friendly?

Meal replacement shakes will generally not be keto-friendly as they have to meet certain nutritional requirements to be classified as a meal replacement. However, we are one of the very few companies who do provide keto diet friendly options. Our Keto Blend is a great choice here, packing in 15g of keto-friendly fats, 20g of protein and less than 3g of carbohydrate per serving!

What meal replacement shakes are dairy-free?

Our Whole Fuel Blend, our vegan alternative meal replacement option, is made dairy-free.

What meal replacement shakes are gluten-free?

We have multiple gluten-free options available; our Protein Meal Replacement Blend and Overnight Recovery Blend are gluten-free.

When should you take meal replacements?

Our meal replacement products are unique and some may be best taken in the morning, for lunch, for dinner or even last thing at night / in place of a snack. Work out which product will best fit your goals and then decide the most practical approach to incorporating it.