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Protein Drinks

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Protein drinks provide the most refreshing way to get protein with minimal fuss, wherever you are. And, with ready-to-drink protein shakes, you don't even need to add water or milk — they're the ultimate convenience.

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What are Protein Drinks?

Protein drinks are a super-convenient way of getting more protein in to your everyday diet. From indulgent high-protein hot drinks to refreshingly simple ready-to drink protein waters, we’ve got something for everyone.

When to Take Protein Drinks?

Protein drinks are perfect anytime of the day, delivering that boost of protein when you need it most. Our Protein Water is a great way to refresh after an intense session, helping you hit your daily requirements while staying on top of your hydration.

Our Protein Drinks

Protein Water - Each convenient bottle is packed with 15g of protein, with zero sugar and zero fat — making it a great way to hydrate after your workout. Plus, there’s only 61 calories per bottle, so it’s the ideal support for all fitness goals.

And, because it’s ready-to-drink, there’s no fuss and ideal to keep in your gym bag.

Protein Mocha - Want to upgrade your morning coffee? Our Protein Mocha contains real coffee to deliver that authentic mocha taste with 15g of high-quality protein to support your progress in the gym. We’ve used a blend of milk protein concentrate, casein hydrolysate, and micellar casein to boost your daily protein intake in a delicious way.

That’s not all. With less than half a gram of fat per serving, you won’t halt your training progress.

Lean Hot Chocolate - We’ve developed a high-protein hot chocolate that’ll fit perfect into your fitness routine. Our Lean Hot Chocolate is high in protein, low in fat, and contains a blend of essential vitamins. With 8g of protein from a blend of milk proteins and less than 1g of fat per serving, you can stay on track with your training goals.


How many protein drinks should you have a day?

That depends on the needs of your diet and your dietary targets, but we'd advise at least sticking to one post-workout to get the best results from your training and optimise recovery.

Are protein drinks good for you?

How "good" something is depends on how it fits into your diet and how the rest of your diet looks. Protein drinks can be a great way to up your dietary protein, which in of itself may have a load of benefits, but to have too many may mean you lose out on other nutrients in your diet.

Are protein drinks fattening?

If they take you into a calorie surplus then yes they could be. However, protein is renowned for its effectiveness at improving body composition and weight management efforts, so it's likely that it'd be a help rather than a hindrance.

What protein drinks are good for weight loss?

All of our protein drinks can be viable options for helping you lose weight, it depends on whether they help you achieve the calorie deficit you are aiming for. All of our drinks are relatively low calorie and high in protein so would be a great fit for any diet.

What protein drinks are lactose-free?

Our protein water is great for those who are lactose intolerant, as it is made with whey isolate - the lactose-free form of whey protein.

What protein drinks are keto-friendly?

Our protein water and protein shake zero would both be great keto-friendly options.