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what moves you makes you

What moves you makes you


About Our Bundles

We're pumped to be part of your journey. Whether you're taking those initial steps or rekindling your fitness flame, we've got the perfect fuel to kickstart your health and wellness adventure.

There’re four protein bundles to choose from – Clear Protein, Impact Protein, Get Stronger, and Diet – each designed to align with your unique goals. Whether you're sculpting lean muscles, boosting endurance, managing weight, or aiming for an overall wellness boost, we've got your back. It's not just about hitting the gym; it's about nurturing your body with the right stuff.

No matter which bundle you choose, we're on a mission to ensure you reach your fitness goals. Together, let's create positive, sustainable changes that go beyond the workout.

Protein Snack Box

Keep your training on track with some of our best-selling protein bars and seriously satisfying snacks.

Try a selection of 10 delicious protein-packed products and find your new favourite.

Please note products and flavours are not guaranteed and may vary based on availability.

  • 10 delicious protein-packed snacks
  • Find your new favourite
  • For an everyday protein boost

Explore some of our favourite protein bars and snacks with a selection of 10 products from the range below.

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